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Limiting by Sportsbooks

Casinos don't usually ban players but it's just as effective to limit their bets to sizes so small that it's not worthwhile to bet on their platform anymore. It's kinda rewarding that they view me as a threat but I'd rather have the opportunity to bet against them. I've gotten limited twice in Illinois already.

From: Josh Lovold <> Date: Fri, Oct 14, 2022 at 10:49 AM Subject: Text Message To: Francis Wisniewski <>

Francis, I am sorry but my text message platform is down and I am unable to send outgoing texts. If you can give me your best contact number, I will update it. In regards to being limited, yes you were limited by trading on NCAFF unfortunately. The reason I was given was for sharp gameplay of placing wagers very early and beating the starting price in most of them. You can still place bets on whatever but will be limited on NCAAF. I apologize but its not my call. Let me know if you have questions. Josh Lovold VIP Host- IN, IL DraftKings Inc.

Anna (BetMGM IL)

Dec 4, 2023, 6:43 PM EST

Dear FRANCIS, We appreciate your time and effort in reaching out to us for help with your concern. On 10/17/23, BetMGM made a business decision to place wagering limits on your account. BetMGM establishes the right to set limits in its House Rules, as presented to and agreed upon by you at account registration. BetMGM's House Rules state that “BetMGM will determine minimum and maximum wager amounts per patron on all events to include all periods, segments, propositions, and future book wager." Please see Sports >> Sports House Rules >> General Sportsbook Rules. In this instance, BetMGM has exercised that right and your wagering limits will stand. We appreciate you choosing to bet with us, and we hope this helps to clarify your concern. If you need any further help, please contact us. Best Regards, Online Gaming Customer Care Team


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